Age of the Wicked Kickstarter Promo Video Credits:

Written and Directed by David Blake Lucarelli

Art by Henry Ponciano


Gavin, members of The Wrecking Crew, Misc. Vampires in Fight: Jonathan Castile
Lucy, Amanda Cindy: Lisa Marie Wardell
Narrator, Doug, Vampire Interrogator: Chris Hill
Roy, Arron, Hunted Vampire, Skeptical Vampire, Vampire Leader: Kerr Lordygan
Magnus, Arthur Stewart, Mysterious Vampire,members of The Wrecking Crew, Misc. Vampires in Fight: Nickolas Hosking

“A Special Place” by Dame Fortune
“Secret Rulers (of the World to Be)” by Dame Fortune
“God, Country and King” by Angeles

All additional music and fx from licensed by the Creative Commons License 0 (Non attribution)

suspense creepy ominous ambience by raspberrytickle, sz-squish by paulmorek,  arrow impact by twisted euphoria, growl1 by ubecareful, haunting-music by rutgermuller, anklunghit by lozkaye, fallingdown by cinevid, reverbed impact by plamdi1, falling-gun by segerse, impact by chriskalos, birds chirping by swiftoid