Who are you? 



David Lucarelli-I write the book and do the lettering. I also play guitar for the hard rock band Dame Fortune,  and I’m a sound engineer at Fox. I live in Hollywood with my wife, son, and our three cats.


Henry Ponciano-I do all the art. I’m a Marvel fanboy who took up animation as a trade. I rekindled my love for illustration and now work as a freelance artist for games and comics. I live  in the Philippines but can be found on deviant art here.

What is this book about?

In 1954 hundreds of school children descended upon the Southern Necropolis Cemetery in Glasgow Scotland looking for a vampire with iron teeth they believed had killed a couple of local boys. It was blamed on mass hysteria. But what if some of them found what they were looking for? A half century later Gavin and Doug are drinking in that same cemetery the night the vampires come back, and unwittingly end up becoming the newest members of the Brigade. Sometimes the good guys are a couple of bad boys.

What is the Gorbals vampire incident? 

In 1954 up to four hundred school children descended upon the Southern Necropolis Cemetery in Glasgow Scotland looking for a vampire with iron teeth they believed had killed a couple of local boys.  The incident was blamed on mass hysteria, and the influence of American comic books. Alternative theories included a folk song about Jenny with the iron teeth, and a quote from the Bible about the beast with iron teeth. However, thanks to Steve Banes, a comic book story from that time period with the title “The Vampire with the Iron Teeth,” has surfaced. It can be read on his blog The Horrors of it All. The definitive account of Steve’s apparent solving of the mystery can be found in in the introduction to the trade paperback edition that Steve wrote which can be ordered here.

Why are there three versions of issue 1?

Initially Chris Matteson was the artist. He drew the first 17 pages of the book and the cover. When he dropped out of the project I had Henry finish the first issue. This is the version that is on Comixology.  I then did an all Henry version of issue so the art would be consistent throughout the trade paperback. This is the version that is on this website. Finally, a third version of the original version of issue 1 was created as a Kickstarter digital bonus. This version was colored by me (David Lucarelli) and features a photo cover and photo back cover, and a print version of this edition was also created. This version can be ordered as part of the complete individual issues of the first mini-series that includes all 3 versions of issue 1 at our store  here.

How can I buy it?

You can buy all four individual issues on Comixology here. You can buy the trade paperback from Amazon here. If you live in Los Angeles it is available from Golden Apple Comics. If you are a retailer you can buy it from Last Gasp Distribution or directly from Creator’s Edge Press. You can buy all four issues and the two variants of the first mini-series, along with a super cool t-shirt and print at our store here.

What age range is it suited for?

This comic is suited for teenagers 13 and above. It features some profanity, violence, including violence towards children, and some frank discussion about teenage sexuality. In addition, in the second mini-series (Age of the Wicked), while there is no overt nudity, there are several  panels that indicate sex is occurring between two consenting individuals.